Tonga’s Backyard Garden Movement

When we think of most of the Island nations, beautiful, green abundant foliage comes to mind and Tonga is no exception.  And while there is indeed an abundance of lush vegetation across Tonga, it’s only recently that there has been a concerted effort within the Kingdom to encourage it’s people to make use of the their backyards as a means of providing food for their families and communities.

The Backyard Garden Movement has been developed by the Tonga Community Development Trust (TCDT or Tonga Trust) with the aim of  establishing healthy and sustainable livelihoods for rural dwellers through the promotion of sustainable, grassroots agriculture interventions.

The Tonga Trust  is an indigenous, non-governmental development organization whose focus is on capacity building with special attention on the less developed, more disadvantaged communities of Tonga.  The key aims of it’s Backyard Garden Movement are to promote organic home gardens and the use of  home composting of domestic degradable organic waste as well as the provision of  training and education in the associated fields of organic agriculture, climate change mitigation options and human health.

Within the upcoming Tonga episode of Real Pasifik, Papiloa Foliaki introduces us to the Backyard Garden Movement and takes us into some of the local gardens to gather some of the essential fresh ingredients used within the episode’s finale lunch.  We were delighted to see that many of the garden’s owners had taken the opportunity to decorate their gardens in Tongan colours to celebrate the occasion!

We’ve included a few photos below taken during our garden romps and be sure to watch this Saturday’s episode of Real Pasifik to learn more.

Popua Village Garden – with produce ready for the picking.

Robert and Luisa Latu (garden owner) survey the offerings.

Oketi Faletau (from the Tonga Trust), Anna Marbrook (series director), Luisa Latu  (garden owner) and Papiloa Foliaki in front of Luisa’s luscious garden.

We love the Tongan coloured flags put up especially for our visit in Lesieli Hufunga’s garden! Lesieli leads Real Pasifik Tonga Chef Uiwita Kaloni, Papiloa and Robert through her garden.

And the backyard produce wasn’t limited to vegetation either…

Oketi, Luisa, Robert, Papiloa , Sisilia Taumoepeau and Uiwita with their bountiful haul of goodness from the backyard gardens.


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