Tata’s Curry Restaurant

One can’t talk about Fijian cuisine without talking about Fiji Indian food. Robert Oliver dedicated a whole section in Me’a Kai to it and whenever he arrives in Nadi he heads straight to one of his favourite roadside restaurants. Tata’s would definitely be in the top five.

Boasting signs saying “uncivilised chicken” – that means free range in case you didn’t know- you could almost drive past this place without noticing it. Trucks and cars rumble past a humble covered patio and inside you can get the most aromatic and spicy curries (bone in). Their superb dahl is piqued with fresh lime leaves. It’s no wonder the place is always filled with locals.

Tata’s is a family affair and the key is that they grind all their own spices and make their chutneys. Renuka Pillay cooks out back and her husband Dinesh (his nickname is Tata) is out front. This restaurant is home style cooking and that is the key to its success. Tata’s has a range of goat, chicken and fish curries plus vegetarian options. If your mouth is watering you might like to check out Robert Oliver’s goat and green pawpaw curry.

Robert jokes that as a young man growing up in Fiji he was ‘blooded’ on some of the hottest curries you are likely to find. So hot in fact that he recalls having to leave the toilet paper in the fridge overnight. He describes attending Indian weddings where pots of bubbling curries, masalas and fresh rotis were relished by hoards of guests. The fruit and spices grown locally are so luscious and pure that some even mentioned that Indian food in Fiji is better than India.

“The land is so generous, the raw ingredients are so beautiful and fresh that combining them with the spices and know how of Indian cooks makes for a vibrant Pacific hybrid of Indian cuisine.” 
Robert Oliver

Robert having lunch with Dinesh.


Bowl of Curry from Tata’s.


All curries come with a side of salad, chutney, dahl soup, pickles and rice or roti.


Tata’s Curry Restaurant
On Nadi Back Rd, between Siva Temple and Hotel San Bruno, 670-0502. M-Sat 8-8.

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