The making of the Samoa Cook book

Robert Oliver is well underway with cookbook number two. He’s teaming up with Me’a Kai partners Shiri Ram and Tracy Berno to create a national Samoan cookbook. The Real Pasifik team is in Samoa following this epic journey. It’s a detailed production of gathering heritage recipes with farmers, elders, Women in Business and some of the best contemporary Samoan chefs. Everyone is sharing their favourite dishes and Robert looks like he will have enough for numerous books. We are, of course, having to try the food as we go and there are some real favourites emerging. Po-ke with fresh tuna is something we would happily eat every meal and there is a rumour that this favourite will appear in the new book.

It’s a huge team here in Samoa and fully backed by the government. We have it on best authority that the Prime Minister is a total foodie, hence a national cookbook. He’s also one of the key drivers in Pacific organics so it’s a winning combination.

Other partners include the New Zealand government through its grass roots NZAID programme and the inimitable Women in Business WIBDI.

Robert Oliver is always on the lookout for emerging chefs with real talent. Robert has hooked up with Dana Rasmussen Ah Young who trained at Australia Pacific Technical College and has been working professionally for less than a decade. Robert first bumped into Dana a few years ago when he was running cooking demonstrations for Women in Business using their organic produce. Robert has been so impressed with him that he’s invited him to join the team over the next few weeks to support the making of the book.

  • Robert works with Dana Rasmussen and Dora Rossi Robert works with Dana Rasmussen and Dora Rossi Watch out for a future video post that shows you how to make an awesome green banana and vegetable salad. Sounds weird but tastes amazing, think potato salad except with savouy banana.
  • Po-ke a great Samoan dish Po-ke a great Samoan dish rumoured to be in Robert's Samoa book
  • Anna Robert and Dana Anna Robert and Dana


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