Recipe: Roro Fritters and Fried Curried Tomatoes

A recipe from Real Pasifik Series 2 Fiji, made at Holiday Inn Suva

These Recipe and Chef Profile have been made in association with the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme. Head to to learn about more exciting initiatives they are running around the Pacific.

Make sure you are watching Real Pasifik 2 every Saturday at 12.30pm on New Zealand’s TVONE. 

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  1. Rusila Liku - July 17, 2015 11:11 am

    I just simply love watching this program. Different kinds of delicacies are introduced to big resorts, having people from other countries taste our very own unique cuisine.
    Thank you guys so much for having to show case the world our very own unique pacific cuisine.

    Never miss this show!!!…Vinaka!!


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