Robert Oliver – Host of Real Pasifik

The second series of television show Real Pasifik is back on our screens at 12.30pm Saturdays, from 13 September on New Zealand’s TV ONE. This food oriented travel show is worth seeking out and may just inspire your weekend’s cooking or even your next holiday destination.

Here’s the schedule for the first 4 episodes:

Robert Oliver scales mountains, goes bush shopping, hunts reef octopus and gnaws on seaweed in a quest for Ra Province’s purest ingredients. Volivoli Resort has ungraded from a backpackers to boutique resort and it’s up to Robert to adapt dishes from Fiji’s hinterland to reflect this upmarket change.

VANUATU20 September
Robert Oliver braves active volcanoes, bow and arrow hunting and the sharp tongue of a bossy village cook to uncover Vanuatu’s finest regional dishes. Robert has his work cut out for him to ensure his versions of rustic Tanna Soup and street snack Tuluk impress the head chef of the luxurious Le Lagon Resort.

SAMOA27 September
Devasted by the 2009 Tsunami the Latia Sini Beach Resort has been rebuilt by resilient manager Lydia To’omalatai and now it’s time to review the menu. Robert Oliver combines the community spirit of Tsunami recovery with the ancient art of Samoan umu roasting to create chocolate and honey glazed pork, coconut encrusted fish and a simple salad garnished with uniquely Samoan ingredients.

NIUE4 October
Robert Oliver comes face to face with ‘The Rock of Polynesia’. The island of Niue’s harsh coral surface severely restricts what grows there. With only 12 consistently available locally grown ingredients Robert must borrow innovations from traditional Niuen cuisine to create dishes for Matavai Resort’s fine dining menu.

FIJI SUVA – 11 October
Robert Oliver is on a mission to get taro leaf and cassava dishes alongside bacon, eggs and hash browns on the breakfast buffet at Suva’s Holiday Inn. Taking tips from island bee-keepers, octogenarian spice merchants and veteran restaurateurs Robert attempts to create a Fijian breakfast fit for a fussy French chef.

TAHITI – 18 October
The romantic island of Tahiti presents Robert with his biggest culinary challenge yet. Adapting the delicious but rustic village food of French Polynesia’s Marquesas Islands into dishes that fit onto the trendy French fusion menu of exclusive Le Meredian Resort. How will goat curry and breadfruit sit alongside Foie Gras and Brulee?

AUCKLAND – 25 October
Robert Oliver helps cater for a Samoan wedding feeding 300 hungry guests and discovers the wonders of greenhouse grown palusami pies all in bid to research the viability of opening Auckland’s first ever Pasifika themed fine dining restaurant. Celebrity chef Nadia Lim and Metro Editor Simon Wilson are on hand to critique Robert’s kiwi-pasifika dishes and discuss whether Auckland has a market for such food.


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  1. Rachael - August 15, 2015 12:14 pm

    What is the name of the place that was growing taro leaves in Pukekohe?
    Would love to both help out and purchase some
    Thank you
    Rachael Wilson


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