Real Pasifik Season 2 starts in Vanuatu

Season 2: Here we come.

Lovers of Pasifik food rejoice: we’re back in production for season 2 of the Real Pasifik TV show. Last week, Vanuatu. This week, Samoa. This time round we’re looking forward to traveling to Apia to continue bringing you the great Pacific flavours. Once again, we’re in awe of the people we meet, the things they know, and the food they make! Check out our Vanuatu photo essay, below (and stay tuned for Samoa shots as Anna, Rob and the crew send ‘em in).

Also, if you live in the Pasifik, watch out for series one on a local broadcast station near you. We’re stoked to be getting it to broadcasters as we speak, and look forward to your feedback.

Robert Oliver and Simon Temple fly to the outer islands of Vanuatu.

Welcome ceremony for Chris Bulememe and Rob at Bethel Village on Tanna Island.

Vendors and local produce at Port Vila markets.

Hot rocks! Umu at Rose Elton’s house in Mele Village.

Rose Elton, Queen of Mele Tuluk.

Chris Bulememe and his mum Rota and Aunty making the Vanuatu national dish – Lap Lap.

Chris Bulememe and Robert Oliver at Le Lagon resort.

Brian Topham (executive chef at Le Lagon), Robert Oliver and Chris Bulememe (up and coming chef) – make an agreement to create three new dishes for the Le Lagon menu.

Simon Temple and Anna Marbrook start filming at Le Lagon resort.

Robert Oliver putting his own twist on traditional Tuluk.

Will Brian vote to put Rob’s dishes on the menu – tune in to find out?





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