Exploring the highlights of Niue…

Our recent trip was spent exploring Niue. We enjoyed our visit with Tony Aholima, a produce-growing-guru who gave us an incredible lesson in geology and horticulture. Niue is known as “The Rock” because the island is literally one huge lump of coral pushed out of the water by an underwater volcano.  Tony demonstrated the challenges that generations of Niuens have faced growing crops on top of a coral reef. Much of the Island has no topsoil so Tony maintains what little he has on his farm (about 2 inches) by growing crops and letting them rot to create compost for future planting. It’s a method that takes forethought and requires respect and understanding of the land’s limited resources. Seeing a bloke reap an abundance off such difficult farmland was truly inspiring and an example of how vital the preservation of traditional farming knowledge is.

Matavai resort offers a breathtaking view of the bluest and clearest ocean you will ever see. Its surreal beauty was captured when filming a joyous display of local dolphins for Real Pasifik, season 2.

Watching master vaka builder Taumafai “Fai” Fuhiniu fishing using the traditional Niuen method was a great insight into the skill and stored knowledge of Niuen fishermen. Fai, like most other fishermen on the island catches his fish on a tiny Vaka with a small outrigger. As the ocean drops to great depths only a few hundred metres offshore, fishermen use mere hand lines to catch enormous gamefish. Fai caught a medium sized yellow fin Tuna while we were there, hauled the beast in, then carved it into delicious fresh sashimi on the rocks. I can imagine Japanese tourists paying thousands for this experience!

Check out this week’s photo essay and tell us what you think…

Faanati Mamea (Real Pasifik crew) taking landscape photos of Niue.

The wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters of Niue.

Someone’s thirsty! Taking a well-deserved break drinking coconuts.

Tania’s relative cooking an umu in Niue.

Taking a closer look at cooking pigeon in an umu.

Tania’s mum Apata is making flax baskets for Matavai resort (Tania is the sous chef).

Selling uga (coconut crab) at Tuapa market, Niue.

Fresh uga at Tuapa market. These crabs can live up to 60 years old and can husk a coconut with their claws!

Robert Oliver and Sarah King (Resort Manager) discussing menu items for Matavai Resort.

Rob and Tania making Takihi – Niuean national dish.

Tania and Aunty Lhosa preparing pawpaw baskets for Matavai resort.

Niuean reef – great for game fishing!

Beautiful sunset at Niue.


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